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We thank all educators for your hard work and playing such an important role in shaping children's education. We're grateful for all your contributions.

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Powerful & Compact

Suffering hand pain caused by a long day of work?

breo NEW iPalm520e hand massager


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Soothing & Potent

Look for how to relieving stiff, numb, and cold hands quickly?

breo WOWOS hand massager


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Sleek & Tender

A gentle, relaxing massage for dry, itchy eyes.


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The Equilibrium

Provides much needed relief through working the full-body, scalp & head wellness.

The Artistry

Brings effective relief to your hands and scalp with the optimized massage techniques.

The Clairvoyance

How to relax? You decide! Benefits from breo's precise node technology for full-body wellness and relief.

Percussive Power

Percussive Power

Find relief with Breo’s omnidirectional kneading technology



Our devices are engineered with the ancient principles of acupressure for a massage that works

Sleek and Effective

Sleek and Effective 

Add a touch of luxe to your self-care routine with beautiful products 

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic Design 

Streamlined designs provide powerful relief without compromising sustainability



FDA registered

Breo is FDA-registered in the Electric Therapeutic Massagers category -  ISA.890.5660 

CE Certified

CE Certified

Our products are manufactured in accordance with worldwide health, safety and environmental protection standards.

ROHS Compiled


We don’t use any hazardous substances in our products, making them compliant and safe for all to use.

FCC Approved


The safety of our customers is important to us - any electromagnetic interference from our products has been limit tested and approved.